Merkur makes blades. So far, I got lucky with my pack of Voskhods, very like them, but one time I have bought pack of Rapira Platinum Lux in St. Petersburg (another МОСТОЧЛЕГМАШ blades) and 2 of 5 blades in pack were dull. The smoothness factor of the Voskhod blades makes them a good choice for someone with sensitive skin and light to medium hair thickness. Voskhod Teflon Coated Razor blades is a unique blade made from premium steel and teflon coated for maximum performance and durability. And that’s another point you make, implicitly. However, if you’re looking for a bargain bin blade or away-for-the-weekend throw-away, these will provide a good enough shave in a pinch. While I can’t stand them, I don’t believe they are schlock—seems many people love them. Voskhod Blades, a Review Post by Squire » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:35 pm Made in Russia but the address is Moscow rather than St. Petersburg, perhaps someone who can translate the label can provide us with better information on the place of manufacture. BLADE: Voskhod. fast shaver said: Voskhod X 10 DFS & GSB X11 DFS. Polsilver Super Iridium Blades Perma Sharps are also great, but cost twice as much as Voskhods. Sometimes just where your head is at makes a difference. Ambassador. The number of nicks I picked up seemed to reflect that, though only a few survived the cold water. Voskhod is one of the best company's blades, but it is very possible that you got pack with bad blades. The Voskhod blades go for about $15.00 for a 100-blade pack or $0.15 per blade. I love my whole set up, but this is the first time I used Voskhod blade, and wow. Jul 20, 2017. The lather for the second pass was a bit thin, which probably didn’t help. One of the interesting individual experiences with blades is the influence of the razor. Gave me a BBS shave. I still had some razor bumps on my neck from using a Shark blade, but the Voskhod seems to have not caused any new bumps or cuts. They both are about the same for me with an edge going to Voskhod. Not sure if they are two times as good as a Voskhod. I have tried many blades and Voskhod is the most comfortable, longest lasting blade I have used to date. Voskhod blades for me don't feel sharp, but they are smooth. Just make sure you have enough time to do more than two passes. Voskhod X 10 DFS & GSB X11 DFS. I can’t imagine they will be “schlock”. Considering the price and the quality, these blades are definitely on my re-purchase list. The Voskhod razor blade is easily found in most traditional wet shavers collections because of its unique amazing performance and sharpness. I find it a tad smoother. Thread starter #4 Esox I didnt know. For those who like Voskhods, I suggest trying a Rapira Platinum Lux. The result is a ultra sharp, durable and comfortable to use DE blade. (10-21-2014, 11:04 AM) AngryGreek Wrote: Voskhod are great blades. Voskhod & GSB are in my top 10 blades. 2nd blade > 3rd shave Omega Shaving Cream. They were my favorite until I discovered Perma Sharps. Over at B&B there is a Russian member who posted some information from the manufacturer's website, which is only in Russian. Voskhod is just a nice, smooth, comfortable shaving blade. Feather, Perma-Sharp, 7 O'Clock Blacks, Sputnik, Super Thins, Super-Max Platinum, and Dorco-ST-301 are all in my favorite blades list, but for me, Voskhod has them all beat. I also had irritation on my top lip. The blade felt fine on my first pass (WTG), but was clawing on the second (ATG). So smooth yet mild. 210 S. 37th Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30a-4:30p Arizona Time Review. One just can’t be sure if they will be good for him/her. You make a good point, Kenneth. The dull feeling is noticeable the first shave after using a sharper feeling blade, but I get used to it. These blades are not sharp, and I had to work at patches on my face more frequently during my two shaves than with a Voskhod. I currently have a lot of the Voskhod in my blade stash.